Feb 29, 2012

crab+fish...+ lil' archer K

in addition to crab+fish, there's another member of our family. he's about one-fifth of our combined height, yet possesses a bajillion times more energy...and he exhibits some of the traditional sagittarius traits:


interesting to see how traditional sagittarius traits
overlap perfectly with traditional toddler traits...!

in keeping with the horoscopic (it's a word!) theme of crab+fish,
please meet our sagittarius son, code name: lil' archer.
i've since taken to calling him by his first initial, K.

Feb 27, 2012

crab+fish...welcome you.

welcome to our corner of the world wide web!

my husband {the fish} and i {the crab} have been together for nearly eight years - in that time we have rented FIVE different apartments. knowing that we wanted to settle in the area we currently live in, we decided it was time to seriously consider buying a home.