May 26, 2012

houston, we have polka squares

i did three coats of behr yellow gold -- it's REALLY YELLOW. i like it a lot, but i wish i had gotten matte paint instead of eggshell. there's a slight sheen and i think it would be much better completely flat.

May 25, 2012

May 23, 2012

painting the black mailbox...black

the outside of our house needs A LOT of work, which is extremely intimidating to me. i know interesting architectural details and beautiful landscaping when i see it...but i haven't the first clue what to do with our house or how to go about achieving it.

fish and his parents have done SO MUCH yardwork:  moving bushes, planting new flowers, mowing, weed-whacking, grassing up bald spots, removing a one-hundred-pound-plus water pump, digging up wild garlic patches ((our yard REEKS))...

i've been helping when i can -- sure, i can hold that garbage bag while you rake ten tons of sticks into it! -- but truthfully...any improvements to the outside of our house is completely thanks to my hardworking hubby and his amazingly talented and generous parents!

i finally took my first tiny step in contributing to the outside appearance of our property by painting the mailbox.

May 21, 2012

a message on the stairs

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i put a little uplifting message on the top riser of our stairway going upstairs.

this is the view as you turn the corner in our stairwell.
please excuse the tape -- i'm hoping to paint the upstairs hall soon so i can FINALLY hang the giant ruler growth chart!

adventures in painting:
dark taupe to light taupe

i like the color the previous owner painted the living room -- it's a grayish taupey neutral. unfortunately, i couldn't find the paint can in the basement so i have no clue what it is.

after removing the gigantic curtain rod ((that was holding the heavy, heavy drapes)) and spackling in nail holes...and from the walls being just plain dirty...we REALLY needed to paint.

off to home depot i went!
i really think they're starting to hate me there.

the living room is open to the workspace ((bright a$$ yellow)) and can be seen from the sunroom ((peachy pink)) -- so i wanted to stay fairly neutral.

i ended up choosing behr wheat bread:
i LOVE it!

May 20, 2012

the little things:
clean/dirty dishwasher magnet

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here's something i did a while ago --
a clean/dirty dishwasher magnet featuring happy and grumpy Ks!

May 18, 2012

our first craigslist purchase

did i mention we finally bought an suv for me? i LOVE it!...and fish is such a MASTER BARGAINER that we got it for below dealer invoice!!

it's crazy.
crazy awesome.

...but the main reason i'm so excited is because i now have a vehicle to haul stuff home in. you know, from garage sales, thrift shops, curbsides, craigslist ads...

i found this wood credenza listed on craigslist for $80 and, taking a cue from fish, i was able to talk them down to ONLY $70!
   ...i know: impressive, right??
            * please note sarcasm *

May 16, 2012

aaaahhhh...i love our bed!

after a weekend of painting the sunroom dresser, doing yardwork ((all of which was done by fish and his parents)), and playing with K in his new sandbox...

...it sure was nice waking up fully rested from our first night's sleep in the new bedroom...on our new foam mattress...which is sitting in the new bedframe that fish built!

May 14, 2012

the bedframe is DONE

...and fish did a SPECTACULAR job!

*** you can see all of his projects here! ***

hi there, K!

May 11, 2012

the feet are on the bed

the master bed legs are stained and polyurethaned...

May 10, 2012

baking pan becomes rainboot tray

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turning a baking pan into a rainboot tray was a quick and easy project.
i say that about ALL my projects, don't i?

actually...it didn't seem that quick. it spanned four days, but each day required only about five minutes of my time.

May 9, 2012

kitchen knobs and pulls

the previous owners of our house completely gutted and remodeled the kitchen...but never added hardware for some reason.
sad, naked cabinets...

it went on our to-do list, but lived somewhere very far down the list since it didn't seem to be that imperative that we have knobs.

BUT...in my quest to now concentrate on one room at a time...and to eliminate the slight irritation every time we have to pry open a cabinet with the tips of our fingers...

i ordered knobs and pulls.
just like that!

May 7, 2012

salvaged drawer!

lil' archer K and i went on a walk this evening and came across a pile of junk on someone's curb. 

sitting pristinely atop the pile of junk...was this beautiful old drawer!
isn't it GORGEOUS?????

trashcan makeover

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everyone needs a bit of gold in their life!

keep reading to see this easy-peasy transformation...

insane in the membrane?

i may have just done something crazy. it's either insanely awesome...or completely wack-a-doodle.

it all started this morning...lil' archer K and i went to home depot to pick out the yellow paint for the dining room. i took one look at gold buff and thought: yep, that's camel.
even though i tested it on the wall last night and thought it looked yellow...it was SO NOT YELLOW at the store.

washi tape
geometric door design

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i am in love with washi tape. 
there's SO MANY THINGS you can do with it.

...like decorating the door to K's room!

May 6, 2012

grand plan:
using stencils to replicate wallpaper

last night, i told fish i would love to hang this wallpaper in our dining room...and he said okay!

i just LOVE the color and the simple pattern.

giant ruler growth chart!

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see our giant ruler growth chart featured on disney's spoonful.com

time : minutes...hours
difficulty : ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
hazards : headache from stain fumes, frustration at inability to draw straight line
would i do it again? : yes!

May 5, 2012

OUT with the heavy, heavy drapes!

when we decided to buy this home, i naturally started thinking about all the changes we'd make...and i knew we would be taking down the heavy, heavy drapes and funky shades hung in the living room windows as soon as possible.

May 4, 2012

progress on the master bed

the master bed frame is nearly complete!

fish is doing a SPECTACULAR job on his first major woodworking project!!

painted brick doorstop

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i love this old brick fish was able to snag 
from a demolition site near our last apartment.