Jul 30, 2013

wonky screen door

we've needed a new screen door ever since we moved in...badly. the ill-fitting screen was taped into the doorframe by the previous owners and it had a tendency to become unstuck no matter what kind of tape we used to re-secure it.

attractive, isn't it?

Jul 27, 2013

succulents on the built-in

as i mentioned before, the cage just wasn't our style. 

and even though they still had access to plenty of air...i felt bad. seeing my living, breathing plants all cooped up in a prison. i doubt i could ever own actual birds.

Jul 25, 2013

update: flower beds
...and more

the end of summer is looming -- have you seen all the back-to-school supplies in stores already?? -- and i wanted to give an update on how our front yard flower bed is doing.

we fish finally mulched. thanks to all who suggested it -- it really does finish the bed off. we bought large nuggets so it would be harder for birds to steal nesting material.

Jul 23, 2013

thrifted trinket dishes
become succulent pots

what to do when one has an overwhelming urge to buy every cute little trinket bowl she runs across?

repurpose them into succulent and air plant pots, of course!

the fun part: thrifting for bowls. most of the dishes i've scavenged are quite shallow -- succulents and air plants are just about the only things i could realistically put in them.

Jul 20, 2013

a few favorite etsy finds...

i've found quite a few bits and pieces for our home on etsy, both vintage and handmade. since i love discovering new shops, i thought you might too and i decided to do a quick roundup of my favorites for you. 

starting in the entry: i framed this whimsical hello postcard by artist [oana befort] next to my diy paper-cut house. isn't it a cute welcoming message for guests?

i love how these two pieces look together, but i do want to add a few other things to this tiny grouping. i don't want to force it so this arrangement will remain a bit bare-looking until i run across something that strikes my fancy.

Jul 17, 2013

pillows galore!

we have a few new pillows around here so i'm lumping them all together in one post to share with you...because who doesn't love pillows??

first: the sunroom. it has remained more or less the same since getting our new sectional and painting the walls. that is to say, a bit cold-feeling.
it's especially striking in pictures.
it doesn't feel like an icebox in person...but it sure looks it in photo.

i've been meaning to add warmth via accessories for ages now. most notably, through pillows. i had it on my agenda to make them -- and i actually played around with a few different fabrics -- but i didn't love how any of them turned out.

so...i finally decided to bite the bullet and buy some pillows.

Jul 13, 2013

i love our new blanket.

i was browsing through my favorites on etsy last week and i re-stumbled upon an absolute gem: gypsya. the shop is stocked with a colorful array of household linens with unique and vibrant patterns -- right up my alley! i favorite etsy shops for a reason -- i need to be more diligent about using them as a resource...

Jul 10, 2013

faux outdoor flowers

i could not keep flowers alive in this toasty spot on our front porch. so i did what any sane person trying to stay sane would do: i opted for the faux version:

Jul 6, 2013

a peek into my craftspace

my work-slash-craftspace is always a mess. always. every time i get the urge to clean it (haha!), i'm distracted by a project as i'm putting things away. also...i just have way. too. many. craft supplies. there, i admitted it.

here's a long overdue peek into where the crafting magic happens...

Jul 3, 2013

easy iced coffee

i wouldn't describe myself as a coffee addict...buuuut i work at 4a every morning, have an extremely active toddler, and stay up late every night reading. sooo...i definitely reach for caffeine on a regular basis.

last summer, i discovered a yummy iced coffee recipe on pinterest...and from that point on made sure we had a constant supply of it in our refrigerator!

read on for the recipe!

Jul 1, 2013

june in review

another month in the books...!

i always feel like we got nothing done until i take time to look back on the month...so before we skedaddle onto JULY (whoa), please allow me to recap our june super-quick.

over on instagram (@meandering_mari), i found out two more pictures of mine -- featuring our impromptu day at the beach and.........my swollen ankles -- might be featured in hgtv #lovehome commercials! whoopee!